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Grab my home management binder starter kit, the perfect resource to get you started on organizing your home life. Spend less time keeping up with all the cleaning and meal planning and more time doing what you enjoy!

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What's a home management binder?

A home management binder is a single location where you keep important information for your home. Unlike a filing cabinet, your home management binder contains pages that you’ll want to refer to quickly and/or on a regular basis (think meal planning info, the plumber’s number, home maintenance schedules). Our starter kit is the perfect beginning to a complete home management binder that works for you! Here’s what you’ll find:


The food and meal planner

The comprehensive food and meal planner includes three parts. It’s designed to help you keep your meal planning organized so you spend less time meal planning, waste less, and ultimately save money! Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly meal plan
  • Weekly recipes and food prep tracker
  • Shopping list

The Cleaning guide

Let’s face it…most of us don’t like cleaning. But it’s important to do. Our cleaning guide includes seven pages of cleaning organization so you stay on top everything. Here’s what’s included:



  • Speed cleaning checklist
  • Room-by-room cleaning sheets with basic and deep cleaning duties
  • Multiple date entries so you can keep track of what chores you skipped last cleaning day 



The room-by-room cleaning pages are great for cleaning by yourself or having your family divide and conquer the cleaning duties! 


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