It's Time to Get Organized!

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It's Time to Get Organized!

Join the FREE challenge to get started! 

Take Back Control of Your Life

Getting organized isn't just about how your home looks. Clutter and disorganization are known contributors to high stress levels, increased spending, and poor time management. If you regularly feel stressed about your home, feel like you have a never-ending list of chores to do, or spend unnecesary money on storage space then you are in the right place! Let me help you get organized so you can take back control of your life!

organization boot camp is a free six day challenge designed to help you work through your organizing hurdles and help you become more efficient at decluttering and organizing

What Organization Boot Camp is About 

Organization Boot Camp is a 3-step challenge designed to help you work through a space of your choosing and get it organized for good. In this challenge you will:

  • Identify what your struggles are when you try to organize so you can be more effective 
  • Work through a clearly defined process of getting your space organized without the overwhelm
  • Discover different tools that will help you continue to improve at getting organized in the future

Did You Know? 

Getting Rid of Clutter Could Eliminate 40% of Your Housework! Imagine what you could do with the time you save when you get organized! You could relax, spend more quality time with family and friends, and maybe even take a vacation! 

It's More Than a Process, It's a Journey...

the six day organization boot camp challenge will help you organize a space of your choosing

In Organization Boot Camp you will work through organizing a space of your choosing. You will receive daily emails with specific tasks and worksheets. These will guide you through both the physical process of decluttering and the mental and emotional blocks that make it harder for you to declutter and organize effectively. Here is a brief overview of what you will see:

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Step 1: Setting the Foundation  

Step 2: Let's Start Decluttering!  

Step 3: Hone Your Skills!  

You Need This!

A study by a Boston marketing firm found that the average American spends 55 minutes A DAY looking for items they own but can't find. The time you invest in this challenge could literally save you years of time. Our time is so really can't afford to waste it


How much does Organization Boot Camp (OBC) cost?  

OBC is FREE for a limited time! All you have to do is sign up and you will start receiving the course emails right away. 

How do I know if OBC is right for me? 

The OBC is not a typical organizing challenge. The goal of this challenge is to identify what your struggles are and overcome them when it comes to decluttering and organizing. If you are looking to make changes to make getting organized long-term easier, then OBC is for you. However, if you are looking for a quick organizing fix then OBC may not be the best choice right now.  

What am I going to organize with OBC? 

Whatever you like! I've designed OBC to be general. However, due to the depth of the material I strongly recommend you choose a small space to start (such as a dresser, cabinet, or vanity).

How long do I have access to the OBC materials?  

Forever! OBC is designed to help you work through a small space so you can improve your decluttering and organizing skills. Once you complete your first space you can reprint the worksheets and start on a new space! Keep practicing with the worksheets, and you'll definitely improve! 

How long does OBC take to complete?

Course materials are delivered to your inbox over the course of 4 days, but take it at your own pace! You are welcome to save my emails and print the tasks and worksheets from them when you are ready. 

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