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i am amanda, and i am the write behind the modern nest blog

I'm the writer behind The Modern Nest- my little nook on the internet where I share tips, projects, and resources related to modern home life. Over the years I've learned that building a functional, personal, less stressful, and beautiful home in today’s hectic world can be tricky. The balance of a seemingly endless number of parts to our lives is a delicate one, and most of us encounter challenges, struggles, and frustrations along the way, such as: 

the modern nest blog will help you improve your skills at home so it runs more efficiently. You'll learn about getting organized, DIY, modern homemaking, healthy living, and parenting.

Getting Organized

Learning to DIY (for fun or for finances)

Living a healthier lifestyle

Creating a clean, functional, personal, beautiful, and relaxed home 

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"The balance of a seemingly endless number of parts to our lives is a delicate one, and most of us encounter challenges, struggles, and frustrations along the way..." 

the modern nest blog mission is to help you overcome the hurdles that come with running a home so that you have more time to do what you enjoy

It takes a lot of hard work to make one-let alone all– of these sections of our lives to work smoothly. My mission is to help you work through these challenges by taking all the lessons I've learned and passing them on to you. The lessons aren't always easy, but hopefully I can inspire you to make your home functional, organized, and beautiful. Wherever you're at, I want you to take your home to the next level! After all, it's your life, your home: Make it yours, and own it!

Who We Are

Amanda and Ted run the Modern Nest Blog

That's us in the front! Ted is holding our son William, and my best friend Molly and her husband Frank are in the back. 

Amanda Mitchell

Oh hey...this is me! I'm the crazy who decided to start The Modern Nest after leaving a career in Chemistry. I was born and raised in Philly but have lived in Boston with my husband Ted for the past four years. Together we have one human child (William, aka "Little Grasshopper") and two feline fur babies (Linus and Luisa). I am in charge of project ideas, writing, designing, and marketing on The Modern Nest. 

Edward ("Ted") Mitchell

Ted is my husband and partner in crime. Without him, this site would be nothing! In addition to his day job as Chief Software Architect at a startup company for cloud-based point-of-sales solutions, he makes sure this site stays running and makes all my design decisions come to life! We also work together on DIY plans and he often does the manual DIY labor while I do the project photography. 

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